Rembe® Bursting Discs

Products to protect your plant against Explosions, Overpressure and Vacuum conditions. Bursting discs and breather valves provide process safety throughout your production facility. State of the art Flameless indoor explosion venting, explosion isolation or suppression protects your facility against dust explosions and dust explosion propagation. Extensive material stocks enable flexible production and fast response deliveries in most material grades.

Forward Acting Bursting Discs

  • Standard – BT / ST / UT
    Easy applications with minimal technical process requirements
  • Triple-section – BT-ODV / BT-OD
    For low and medium burst pressures in any industry
  • Multi-layer – BT-STAR
    For higher burst pressures in any type of industry


Forward Acting Special Bursting Discs

  • Plug Hydraulic, pneumatic, cyrogenic and refrigeration, nuclear, offshore, pharmaceutical and space industries
  • Extruder Machines and extruders in the plastics processing industry

Reverse Acting Bursting Discs

  • With knife construction – IG-UKB-LS
    Critical applications in chemical, process and vacuum technologies, aviation and space, pharmaceutical- and cyrogenic industires, nuclear research and technologies
  • Sublimated – IG-IKB-LP
    Protection of tanks <0,5 bar, out of scope of PED and ASME Sec. VIII, Div. 1
  • Sublimated- BT-IKB
    Pressure equipment (reactors, tanks, pipework, gas cylinders, all kind of vessels)
  • With buckling-pin element – BT-KUB/KUB-V-series/KUB-G-series/TC(R)-KUB
    Complex chemical processes, GMP facilities, pressure equipment (reactors, tanks, pipework, gas cylinders, all kind of vessels)

Forward and Reverse Acting Bursting Discs 

  • Multi-layer – BT-ZW-F
    Unpressurised storage tanks with low sturdinesses
  • Multi-layer – BT-DODOD-F/BT-ODO-F
    Easy applications (with minimal working pressures) for pressure and vacuum or acting in both directions

Signalling Membranes

  • With electric signal – SB-(S)
    Monitoring of leakages and bursting discs signalling
  • With fibre optical signal – FOS
    monitoring of leakages and bursting disc signalling in high corrosive atmospheres
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