Jacoby-Tarbox® Sight Glasses

Jacoby-Tarbox® Sight Windows allow effective and economical viewing of tank, pressure vessel and piping system interiors. Models are available for all major Sight Window applications and connections.

Sight Flow Indicators

Jacoby-Tarbox sight flow indicators With UniGlas Discs. Styles include plain, rotary, flapper, drip and ball types for service in a wide range of pressures and temperatures.

  • Bulls-Eye Units Threaded Connections
    Full line of threaded bulls-eye sight flows have been precisely engineered per the design criteria of ASME to provide a nominal 150 psig rated unit for flow observation and indication.
  • Bulls-Eye Units Flanged Connections
    Full ASME rated line of flanged bullseye sight flows have been engineered per the design criteria of the ASME B31.1 & 31.3 Power & Chemical Piping Codes, incorporating all ASTM listed materials for the pressure retaining components: bodies, fasteners, and retainers.
  • Tubular Units (Threaded & Flanged)
    Full view low pressure sight flow indicators are ideal for light duty service, where pressures are less than 150 psig and where mechanical stress from pipelines are not present.
  • 90º angle models
    Angle models can be supplied plain, model 90, or with a drip tube, 90-D.
  • Jacketed
    Jacketed models are recommended for improved temperature control at visual inspection stations along jacketed processing lines.
  • Sheathed Tube
    Cylindrical Sheathed Tube models are recommended for applications where increased visibility is required. They may be used in pipe line systems that operate under some degree of mechanical strain.
  • Hygienic Sight Flow Indicators
    Complete line of tubular and bulls-eye sight flow indicators manufactured specifically for pharmaceutical, bio-pharmaceutical, food, and other processing systems demanding cleanliness and maximum hygienic conditions.

Teflon & Fluoro--Polymer Lined Units

All Jacoby-Tarbox sight flow indicators and sight windows with flanges connections are available with a variety of fluoro-polymer linings to match you piping or process specifications. These linings include Teflon, Kynar, Tefzel and other specialty fluoro-polymers. Available with UniShield, a fused PFA Teflon® glass shiel, for window discs and cylinders for both positive pressure and VACUUM service. This technology incorporates PFA Teflon fluoro-polymer powder coating over a clear catalytic primer resulting in the fused PFA Teflon shield.


UniGlas sight windows consists of four pieces: the UniGlas disc, the installation flange, a sealing gasket and a cushion gasket. UniGlas® discs are the only glass discs that may be placed back into service safely after use. UniGlas discs have glass fused to metal, and only the metal is placed in a compressive load by the assembly.
  • Individual UniGlas windows
    Available for direct connection to vessels or other chambers. On-site installations are simple, quick and require no adjustments. Pressure resistant circular glass to metal sealed sight glass serving temperatures from -435°F (-258°C) to 600°F (315°C)
  • Dual UniGlas windows
    For extraordinary applications involving toxic or otherwise dangerous materials, UniGlas discs can be installed back-to-back, doubling already increased safety and strength factors.

Sight Windows

Jacoby-Tarbox manufactures sight windows for nearly all connections from male and female threaded, flanged and welded. Circular and Obround windows are available manufactured in accordance with Section VIII of the ASME Boiler and Pressure Vessel Code. Most sight windows are available with UniGlas and, or Dual Window assemblies.
Security Sight Windows

Incorporate the safety features of the patented Factory Mutual® approved Dual Window, resulting in additional protection against stress concentration, thermal shock, corrosion or erosion, overpressure and external mechanical forces.

  • Pressure Vessel Sight Windows
    Round and obround. Fabricated from code metals. They attach to pressure vessels conforming to Section VIII of the ASME Boiler & Pressure Vessel Code.
  • Threaded
    Two-piece, ASME rated units, each with a UniGlas window insert plus a separate retaining flange.
  • Bolt-on
    Two-piece, ASME rated units, each with a UniGlas window insert plus a separate retaining flange.


Jacoby-Tarbox specializes in introducing new lighting technologies to the sight flow indicator and sight window industries. The Phaeton XTL is based on new high-intensity LED technology and easily illuminates large vessels, reactors, and large sight flow indicators with dark liquids.

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