ONIS - Line Blind Systems

ONIS Line Blind Systems are used to isolate reactors, heaters, pumps, compressors and furnaces in Upstream- and Downstream processes. Manufactured in the south of France, they provide 100% positive isolation.

The ONIS Quick-Action Line Blind is designed and manufactured to suit customer applications. The specific demands of the petrochemical and oil industries over the years have led to the innovative and patented design of a line blinding device that is simple and yet highly effective in providing ultra-safe line isolation.

The ONIS Quick-Action line blind can be easily operated by just one person (less than 30 seconds for sizes 1” through 10” and less than 20 minutes for sizes 12” through 50”). 

Since 1979, over 10.000 Onis quick-acting line blinds are installed in more than 40 countries worldwide. Each Onis line blind is custom built to suit your specific process and outperforms conventional figure-8, spectacle & slip blinds.
Devices can be supplied in a variety of materials for a wide range of temperatures, pressures and products. Fire safe design with graphite gaskets is also available.

A quick return-on-investment helps you to reduce your operating costs.

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