Rembe® Dust- and Gas Explosion Protection 

Products to protect your plant against Explosions, Overpressure and Vacuum conditions. Bursting discs and breather valves provide process safety throughout your production facility. State of the art Flameless indoor explosion venting, explosion isolation or suppression protects your facility against dust explosions and dust explosion propagation. Extensive material stocks enable flexible production and fast response deliveries in most material grades.

Single Layer / Triple Section Explosion Vents

  • Single-layer explosion panel
    Ex-Go-Vent: for low vacuum
    EDP: for cycling working pressures at low to medium vacuum
    ERO: for sanitary applications and cycling working pressure at low to medium vacuum
  • Triple-Section explosion vents
    ODV/ODU: for cycling working pressures and high to full vacuum
  • Signalling of explosion vents (accessories)
    Integral and retrofitting
    Types: SK, RSK, BIRD

Flameless Dust Explosion Venting

  • Q-Rohr-3
    Flameless dust explosion venting without product propagation No further necessity of expensive vent ducts. Full protection of environment
    Optimised production processes no access to outside
  • Q-Box II
    The new protection concept provides flame minimizing venting of dust explosions
    Ideal with retrofitting existing installations
    Indoor/outdoor deployment
    Minimization of safety zone space in reference to venting ducts = yielding more efficient utilisation of operating space

Non-Return Explosion Valve

  • Q-FlapCompact II
    Passive protection system
    Reduced maintenance due to monitoring
    Short installation distances: Retrofitting of existing plants without changes in pipeline layout

Explosion Suppression / Isolation

  • Q-Bic II
    Explosion suppression system, optimised for individual requirementsmore safety in case of installing or retrofitting flanges remote maintenance possible self-learning pressure detectors

Explosion Isolation

    Quench valve with electronic controller DN 80-600

    Low investment in case of low structural resistance
    Easy and quick reset = shortest downtime in case of actuation
    Existent signals can be cut in (level control)

Explosion Protection for Conveyor Systems

  • ElevatorEx II
    Ideal for high elevators
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