KITO - Tank Protection Equipment

KITO is manufacturing Flame Arresters and Pressure/Vacuum Relief Valves.

Made in Germany, their products meet the latest international standards. KITO provides quick and flexible solutions for your needs; customized designs are part of their expertise. Delivery times are short and reliable, adjusted to your requirements.


Flame Arresters

KITO deflagration-, detonation- and endurance burning flame arresters comply with the international standard DIN EN ISO 16852. They have all been systematically type-approved and are supplied with a CE conformity declaration. They therefore fully comply with the European directive 2014/34/EU (ATEX 100).


Deflagration-proof KITO Flame Arresters

If explosive gases ignite in a pipe then the explosion initially starts as deflagration characterised by relatively low pressure and flame speeds.
KITO in-line deflagration flame arresters are installed to prevent a flame spreading to other parts of the system. In contrast to detonation arresters, there are limits on the length of pipe between any possible source of ignition and the flame arrester.


Detonation-proof KITO Flame Arresters

In the event of explosive gas-air mixtures igniting in a pipeline, a (stable) detonation can develop from a deflagration under certain instances. The impact of such a detonation is considerable with greatly increased pressure and flame speed; our KITO detonation flame arresters are specifically designed for such scenarios. The fitted KITO flame arrester elements remain functional and arrests the flame front following the pressure waves.


Pressure/Vacuum Relief Valves

KITO manufacture an extensive range of products to protect low pressure storage tanks and vessels. These products help to prevent damage to the tank and also prevent the tank contents from escaping, ensuring the safety of people and the surrounding environment. Valves are supplied in different configurations to suit a variety of applications and are compliant with the ATEX and PED directives when applicable.

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